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Happy Valentine&#8217;s Day, lovers! I hope you all have much love in your life, romantic or otherwise. 
This above photo is a dedication to all the loves out there that never were, but should have been. 

"Brenda Schmitz’s Christmas Wish"

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Good lord. ALLLLLL the emotions. 

A “Dots” Marriage Proposal

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"She didn’t think the love of her life was romantic enough. Then she looked out of her office window."

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Spencer’s Home Depot Marriage Proposal.

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mary lambert - she keeps me warm

Vicky and John’s Surprise Reverse Proposal. 

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Quang + Ellie: Slow Motion Booth

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Movie Trailer Proposal: Man Proposes in Movie Theater With Sweet Film (via The Huffington Post). 


“You always hear people say it’s ‘weird’ and ‘just not normal,’ but isn’t that the point of love? To transcend normalness and become something special. Maybe the French would even back me—I mean, amour is a masculine now.”

The Language of Love, a poignantly beautiful short film showing a monologue of a gay student who falls in love with his best friend whom he met in a French class.

(I’d be lying if I say I cannot relate to this.)



How absolutely STUNNING are these brides?

Photographs by Meredith Hudson Photography.


Bride Abandons Flower Toss At Wedding For Lesbian Sister

Our Story in Letters - Mike and Dave's Engagement from TorontoDave on Vimeo.

Totally sweet.


Oh my god lesbian weddings always make me crryyy!!! This one is so cute I’m going to die!!!